Recent Get Togethers

Thirteen members joined in the fun (in two different spots it seems) for an outing to Chiquito Creek on June 22nd!  While the water was a bit on the high side, members were seeing moderate success finding gold!

Recent Outings

Chiquito Creek June 22, 2024

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The most recent trip to Ace of Spades took place from March 24-31!  The club managed an average presence of 13 members each day of the trip!  No matter which method a prospector used, everyone there was able to find gold!

The recent heavy rains left the desert awash in brilliant wildflowers!

CVP members help to celebrate Central Valley Prospectors anniversary!

Ace of Spades

CVP Birthday Potluck July 2023

Volunteers Banquet Aug 2023

CVP members got together to celebrate the contributions of its many volunteers.

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