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Outings and Adventures have been put on hold temporarily


Monthly Outings
Due to some problems with insurance, some outings have been changed to "Adventures." These are non-CVP places to go and explore/prospect on your own or with other members. 

Need Someone to Prospect With?
CVP is all about friendship and sharing as well as finding gold. We have many new members as well as long time members who occasionally would like to go prospecting but want some company. Prospecting is not as much fun if you go by yourself and it is not always good from a safety point of view to not have a buddy with you. CVP has initiated a "Prospecting Buddy" Program where you will be matched with another experienced prospector who you can go prospecting with or maybe learn a few tips on new prospecting techniques or equipment.If you are interested in either a "Prospecting Buddy" or carpooling, then contact our president, Mark White, his number is in the Board Member Directory located in the members section of the web site.  So, now you don't have a car excuse to stay home!

General Information:
For adventures between outings, check the members' area for info on our claims. See Outings and Maps.Be sure to get required permits if you plan to fish.
Due to high fire danger, campfires may not be permitted, please use common sense.
Remember while prospecting to please clean up any litter, even if it isn't yours

Rules Of Conduct For Mariposa Claims & All CVP Outings Or Events

  • Parents or guardians must maintain parental control and responsibility for children at all times. This includes having visual sight of children at all times, especially when near the water. Parents are advised to bring a first aid kit with them and to accompany children when exploring.
  • Dogs may not be taken on any CVP Outing or event. This is for the safety and protection of members as well as for the animal.
  • It is the policy of CVP that alcohol may not be consumed at any time during a CVP outing. When the outing has been officially concluded for the day, members may use their own discretion concerning the use of alcohol.
  • Smokers should use care when smoking cigarettes and cigarette butts should not be discarded on the ground. All cigarette butts are to be "packed out."
  • Fill any and all holes when you are done whether you made them or not.
  • CAMPFIRE PERMITS ARE REQUIRED. All state fire regulations must be followed (campfire permit, spark arrestors, etc.). Campfire permits must be obtained in person from the Forest Service. Permits are available at all Forest Service Offices and fire stations and the California Department of Forestry.
  • All litter and debris will be removed from the area before leaving the area. IF YOU PACK IT IN, THEN PACK IT OUT.
  • Effluent (waste matter) shall not be deposited on the ground or in pits. Members are asked to carry plastic bags or other containers for disposal of effluent.
  • DREDGING IS CURRENTLY BANNED IN CALIFORNIA as of July 2012- { } All dredging is to be done below the existing water level. You must have a dredging permit issued by the Department of Fish & Game for each person using a nozzle.
  • Use of or brandishing of firearms at any CVP outing or event is strictly prohibited. Firearms must remained locked in the vehicle during the outing or event and may not be discharged at any time.
  • Always adhere to Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management rules and regulations when on public lands administered by these agencies. Obey any lawful instructions or directives given by representatives of these agencies at all times.
  • Members are to follow the direction or instructions given by CVP Officers or their representatives at any CVP Outing or event.
  • Non-members and guests should fill out an application and sign the waiver prior to participating in any CVP Outing or event. This includes non-member spouse/partners. Any minor children should be listed on application.
  • When visiting claims on your own, please be courteous to campers and picnickers; our claims are on public lands. As long as they are not prospecting, they may be there. If they were there first, please locate your prospecting a reasonable distance away, preferably downstream if possible.

Mariposa Claims

  • All of the rules applying to CVP Outings or events are in effect while members are using the CVP Mariposa Claims.
  • The lands on which the Mariposa claims are situated are managed by the US Forest Service (USFS). Any questions or concerns about the management of this land should be referred to the following USFS office:

Sierra National Forest, Mariposa Minarets Ranger District
57003 Road 225, P. O. Box 10
North Fork, California 93643

  • The Mariposa claims are on public lands and the public has a right to access this land. In addition, members of the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) also have a right to prospect on the Arina de Oro claims. In order to avoid arguments or confrontations, do not challenge anyone using the claims but report violations or problems to any CVP Officer.
  • Properly dispose of or remove any litter or debris. The dumpster on Incline Road is for private use; therefore, the garbage dump at National Park Service transfer site (approximately ¼ mile north from Foresta Bridge) is available for public use.
  • On the Merced River, overnight camping and campfires on the upslope (North) side of Incline Road is prohibited.
  • A twenty one (21) day camping limit exists on the Sierra National Forest; however, in the Merced River Canyon camping is limited to fourteen (14) days. Private camping is available at Mariposa, Midpines, and Dirt Flat for extended stays.
  • No dredging is permitted on the South Fork of the Merced River or on the main stem of the Merced near the National Forest developed sites.
  • No cable, ropes, wires, etc. may be strung across any river that will impede or imperil other river users (examples: rafters, kayakers, or fishermen).
  • No other recreationists or river users may be refused access across the claim.
  • No clearing of brush or grading may be done without specific approval of the USFS.
  • Camp areas must be maintained to present a clean, neat, and orderly appearance.
  • Tarps used on National Forest land must be “earth-toned” in color, i.e., green or brown.