Executive Board

President: Andy Brooks 1-209-917-0501

Vice President: Bob Paul (559)707-2376

Secretary: Angie Paul (559)707-2376


  • Cathy Riggs (559)908-1288
  • Marilyn Charest (559)999-0020

Membership Director: Chris Thiessen (559)360-0904

We have several Committee Slots vacant. All of these positions make valuable contributions to the smooth running of the CVP. If you are interested in taking over one of these committees, please contact our president, Andy Brooks 1-209-917-0501

Committee Members

Parliamentarian: Dave Efseaff

Claims Director:

  • Larry & Kathy Riggs
  • Hank & Dory vanLoon
  • Lloyd Vernon

Sargent at Arms: Wayne Hopper

Outings Director: VACANT

Raffle Director:

  • Vern Daley
  • Hank & Dory vanLoon

Community Outreach: VACANT

Equipment Manager: VACANT

Historian:Lloyd Vernon

Morale Officer and Education Director Kathy Riggs

School Outreach:

  • Don Moyer (559)696-1949
  • Marilyn Charest
  • Lloyd Vernon

For Schools wanting CVP to come to their school to set up hands-on gold panning, metal detecting and other aspects of gold hunting for the students, please contact Don Moyer.


  • Denise Randall
  • Vern & Gail Daley

Shop Keepers (Store): & Bob Paul

Refreshments: Mark & Cici Smith

Sound Manager: VACANT

Newsletter Editor: Bob Paul