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CVP is a non-profit organization with a focus on education about ethics, safety, and techniques of small mining and prospecting, metal detecting, as well as relic and treasure hunting.

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General Meeting!

Our next General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September, 19! We are going to be discussing potential upcoming outings, a restoration trip to Presidential Chair, educational outings, supplies for the store, and more. We could really use our members voices and support!

Please check the meeting locations and times below!

We hope to see you there!

New to the CVP Site!

We have added a few new features to the CVP site!

The Gallery is slowly being updated with current and historical pictures of outings by members! If you have pictures of your outings you want to share contact Bob or Denise to get them added!

We now have an Education link which houses our Educational outing information. In addtion you can find:

  • Education - discusses our primary purpose as a chapter of GPAA. Want to volunteer to help teach kids about prospecting, take a look!
  • Prospecting History- NEW! We will periodically be posting a piece of Prospecting History! Our current entry is about Coulterville! Please keep an eye out for updates!
  • Mining Safety - has been moved into the educational section of the site for a better fit!


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Board Meetings

Location: Yosemite Falls Cafe, 1455 Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA

When: Second Wednesday of each month.

Time: 6:00 PM

General Meetings

Location: Worship Center Church, 16357 Trimmer Spring Rd, Sanger, CA 93657

When: Third Tuesday of each month.

Time: 6:30PM